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StarLogo Nova is an agent-based game and simulation programming environment that combines an easy-to-use blocks-based programming language with a powerful simulation engine and 3D renderer. With StarLogo Nova you can:

Createedit, and run games and simulations right in the browser, no installation necessary.
Share projects in public galleries for the world to see.
Collaborate on projects with other users.
Incorporate your own sounds and 3D models into your projects.
Organize code more clearly, with all runtime code now placed on breed pages.
Program agent interactions more easily with new Detection blocks.
Customize your breeds with user-created traits like energy, health, lives, inventory, etc.
Easily work with hundreds of agents, even on older computers or Chromebooks.
With no predefined agent limits, create 10,000 agents or more on powerful computers.


September 23, 2017
We are thrilled to announce the release of StarLogo Nova 2.0, a completely new version that eliminates our dependency on Flash. StarLogo Nova can now run on iPads, Chromebooks, and even some phones, and is nearly 10x faster on very old and very new computers. We have also improved several of the things you use most often: creating and organizing projects, creating "widgets" such as sliders and graphs, configuring breeds and traits, choosing 3D shapes (or even uploading your own!), and using the blocks editor are all now easier and more powerful than ever.

With so many changes, some things may be unfamiliar to experienced users. But we hope you will find that the new StarLogo Nova allows you to do even more, in ways that make even more sense. See the Changes and Improvements in Version 2.0 guide for an overview of what the new version can do!

Are you hesitant about trying the new version, or still using materials designed for the Flash version? No problem! We've moved the previous version to new URL, where it will stay accessible for the next few months to give you time to update your materials and learn the new version. You can find the previous version at http://flash.slnova.org.

Coming soon: video tutorials!

Contact the Imagination Toolbox team at MIT STEP if you would like us to email you a couple of print tutorials to help you get started.

MIT STEP and partners are pleased to offer several professional development opportunities using StarLogo Nova. Check the MIT STEP StarLogo Nova page for more information.

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