Debugging Challenge - frog model

The goals of this model are to create 50 flies which fly around, and get eaten if they hit the Venus flytrap (blue cube) or collide with the frog (red sphere). The frog should get bigger each time it eats a fly, and the score box should show how many flies have been eaten by the frog.

First, remix this model and rename it, and save it to your public gallery (and add your partner as a collaborator). Before each step, be sure the program is saved and you have clicked Run Code. When you have debugged each step, go on to solve the next problem.

1. Click Setup- Why is nothing showing up in Spaceland?
2. Click Setup- I want my Frog to be a red circle, why is my Frog not showing up in Spaceland?
3. Click Setup- Where are my Flies?
4. Click Setup, then click Setup again. I only want 50 flies on the Terrain. Why are there so many?
5. Click Setup, Fly Around and Catch Flies. What happens when the Frog tries to 'eat' the flies? How should it be fixed?
6. It still looks like sometimes flies hit my frog, but don't get eaten -- how can this be fixed?
7. Why doesn't my frog get bigger?

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