Sugar Transport v.2

A model of how diffusion works, and how glucose enters your bloodstream from the lumen through the epithelial cell.

Setup w/o barriers: Models diffusion without the restriction of barriers.

Setup w/ barriers: Models diffusion with the restriction of barriers.

Setup large w/ barriers: Models diffusion of larger molecules with the restriction of barriers.

Setup Glucose: Initializes glucose in the epithelial cell and bloodstream (these are purple to indicate that they are were not added by an external source)

Blood Flow: Models how glucose flow in the bloodstream.

Drink Soda: Adds glucose to the lumen since that is where the sugar from soda goes when you drink it (these are white to indicate that they came from an external source, the soda)

Add FD Proteins: Adds facilitated diffusion proteins.

Add AT Proteins: Adds active transport proteins.

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