Simplified FishBanks v2-36 graphing

FishBanks is a facilitated interactive simulation/game used to explore the Tragedy of the Commons as teams of students run their fishing companies to acquire the largest bank balance by the end of the class. After the fish population crashes, everyone want to explore what happened and what they could do to prevent this tragedy. This simulation allows this exploration as an activity outside of class.

1) Set how many ships will fish in the coastal waters and the deep sea by using the sliders.
2) Click the "Setup" button.
3) Click the "Go Fishing!" button to see how many fish are caught and breed during a year.

Goal: What is the maximum number of boats that may be used yet the fish population remains stable for at least 20 years of fishing.

Future additions/complexities to be added
- Add sexual maturity to fish (2-4 years for cod) to examine effects
- Add fish growth to determine the human population that may be sustained over time
- Add ship pollution and effect on fish populations

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