Debugging Challenge #2- Spring 2015 paintball

Remix this project and rename it, and save it to your public gallery (and add your navigator as a collaborator).

Use your coding skills to figure out how to make this Paintball Game work properly. After each challenge, be sure the project is saved and that you hit "run code" before testing your solution.
1. Hit Run Code. Fix the "empty socket" error.
2. Why are there so many players?
3. Make the game from the player's perspective.
4. Click forever, then hit the arrow keys to move the player. Why doesn't the player move?
5. Click forever, then hold the Spacebar - why does the Player turn into a Paintball?
6. Why does the Paintball disappear right away (I want it to disappear when it hits the edge of Spaceland)?
7. Why does the turtle (cube) disappear when the paintball hits it? I want the paintball to disappear, not the turtle.
8. My score box should show how many turtles were hit by paintballs. Why doesn't this work?
9. Change the code to make this game better (add a second player, make the turtles move etc)

*Based on the decoding challenge designed by the StarLogo Nova Team at the MIT Scheller Teacher Education Program

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