Ecosystems: Rabbits, Grass, Mountain lion debugging model

Remix the model, rename it, and save it to your public gallery. Add your navigator as a collaborator.

Your challenge is to fix each bug in the code. Don't forget to save your model and hit run code, setup, and forever before testing your solution.
1. Why do I have so many mountain lions?
2. Why is my grass brown?
3. Why don't I have any rabbits when I hit setup?
4. Now that my rabbits set up correctly, why aren't they moving?
5. Now that they are moving, what's happening to them?
6. Why are my mountain lions dying right away?
7. I want a 1 in 100 chance of my grass sprouting each tick. Why isn't the grass sprouting at this rate?
8. Why isn't the graph working correctly?

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