Freshwater Lake Ecosystem Model

This model models a freshwater lake ecosystem. The species include: algae, bluegill, bass, and eagles.

The algae will simply sprout around the map. Bluegill will actively move towards the algae, and run away from bass. Bass will actively move towards bluegill, and run away from eagles. Eagles will actively move towards bass, and can also eat bluegill. Fish will lay eggs that can be eaten by any other fish. When chasing or running away, all species will move at a random speed to better simulate the probability in nature, such as when a weak prey species can sometimes escape from predators.

Universal birth rate and death rate are controlled by sliders.
Limiting factors include energy needed for reproduction and the algae grow rate and max algae.
Energy production and transfer are represented by the graphs.

Limitations include: life cycles, seasons, the fact that animals don't constantly feed, climate, nests, other species, school behavior, and limited space.

Engine speed5